Dear Someone,


I’m 67 years old and excited to say hello as a free man at the end of a long journey. I want you to know that I’ve written four times in my life in increments of ten-year periods. The writing was my way of goal setting, and each time I wrote, I included my hopes of what I would become in the next ten-year period.


Although it was never my intention, when combined, all four writings became a complete book with a beginning, middle, and end.


A Book for Someone is a Jim Heaney self-help book on Providence, spiritual practices, child abuse, parenting, relationships, generational healing, immigration, adoption, forgiveness, and The Circle of Life.


A Book for Someone includes four parts:


We Tried to be Kids


Living Truth

We Heal and Forgive


Hope is the light that shines through all.

                          Jim Heaney