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C H A P T E R  1




                                                  Star Date;1954


                  The Director looked out her window and saw young souls laughing as he swung higher and higher on the monkey bars before releasing his grip and landing at their feet. 


                                              RING! RING! RING!


                  “This is D. May I help you?”

                  “Have you reviewed the file?”

                  “Yes, I’ve read the file, and I’m looking at him now!”

                  D took off her glasses, put them on the desk, messaged him, and watched through the window as he marched through the playground like a soldier. He entered the building, and she motioned him towards the seat at her desk.

                   The Director looked briefly through a file and then handed it to him.

                  “I received this dossier from High Command. Parents have lost their way, and your earthly assignment is to help  re-route the flow of generations.”

                  “And how will this happen, D?” he asked.

The Director closed the file and leaned back in her chair.

                  “Something will happen which will allow them to be better people.”

                  “Is this my only job, Ma’am?”

                  She handed him the file and said. “In the middle of your struggles, you will have to define who you are, find your purpose, and complete your Circle of Life while on earth.”

                  James looked intently at the file, which read:




                  James nodded with a faraway look into the galactic stars.

                  The Director sighed, “So, what do you think?”

                  “Really? This scenario doesn’t sound good,” he said,” Do you have anything else? Can I be extraordinary and stand on stage and win awards? I want to sign autographs.”

                  “Sorry,” The Director said smiling, “High Command has assigned this mission to you. It’s a great challenge and perfect for you.”

                  “Not interested, D, may I go now?” The young ones are waiting.

                  “It’s a hero’s position, James.”

                  “Oh, D, the hero’s gig is not what it’s cracked up to be. Statistics show that most heroes fail in the first twelve years. It’s been a  pleasant visit. Let’s do it again sometime.“

                   “Very well,” D said curtly, “I’ll inform High Command of your refusal.”

                  He closed his eyes, shook his head, and sighed. “Okay, what soul gifts am I born with, Ma’am?”

                  “Page 2,” D said.

                  James flipped the page which read:


                  “Nastiness?” he asked.

                  “Yes. And use with discretion James.”             

                  “The young souls? Will they be okay while I’m gone?"

                  “Yes, James,” but D cautioned him as he rose to leave.

                  “If your parents don’t intercede and respond, you will be alone in a tragedy, and your Circle of Life will be damaged. Evil will try to destroy you, so be awake and listen to your soul’s voice.“

                  "Anything else?' James asked.

                  "An infant’s Circle of Life is mystical," D said, "babies are born innocent with a pure soul, and with conscious intentions, parents can enter the baby's Circle of Life and heal generational trauma.

  The clock chimed the first note of twelve, and  D said.

                  "There is some good news, James. You get the girl you want.”

                  “He paused and said. “Really? Tell High Command I consider this position an honor; however, I will interview numerous females and will not be impulsive.”

                  D smiled and looked at her watch and said. “You must hurry. The High Command will be with you always!”

                  And from the window, she watched James say goodbye to the young ones and then enter The Circle of Life.

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